What We Offer

Metatechno Lanka guarantees the optimum processing power, highest quality standards, timely delivery and confidentiality for all development needs. State-of-the-art development facilities, working experience from around the globe and the flexibility to work in multinational & multicultural teams have given Metatechno Lanka a unique advantage over other industry competitors.

Areas of speciality:



Offshore is a type of business process that we possess a speciality, whereby we acquire IT-related projects from highly industrialized nations like Japan. Metatehcno Lanka, with its engineers fluent in both Japanese as well as English, is the best company of its caliber that a Japanese customer could count on as a trusted offshore partner. Currently, we offer a diversified offshore solution to our international clientele.


Embedded Systems

Since the inception, Embedded Software Services have been our core competency. From recruitment criteria through advanced project management training, Metatechno Lanka is fine-tuned to cater to the elite electronic manufacturers around the globe. Our highly skilled engineers have experienced in a multitude of embedded systems such as printers, cameras, home appliances, medical instruments, communication devices and various IoT systems.


QA and Testing

Metatechno Lanka provides Quality Assurance and Testing Services to companies both onsite and offshore depending on customer preferences. By carrying out Quality Assurance and Testing, the Company prevents mistakes or defects in deliverable products, which in return helps maintain the best quality, reduce modification costs and saves product development time.



Mobile development and testing is carried out at Metatechno Lanka, including Mobile Application Development, Mobile Quality Assurance, Testing and Migration. This service could cater to multiple mobile platforms such as Android devices, IOS devices etc.



Porting is the process of adapting software so that an executable program can be created for a computing environment which may be different to the one for which it was originally designed. Software is considered portable when the cost of porting to a new environment or platform is reasonably lesser than writing the software afresh.


Package Implementation

The Company offers tailor-made services to implement software packages that best suit each customer requirement; hence it could vary from small applications to vast systems.


IT Consulting and Services

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Local Area and Wireless Networks.Porvide total office automation solutions including setting up of servers, Assisting users with operational problems and staff training.