Executive Comments

1 Naoshi Yamada Acting Chairman/ Managing Director

About 20 years after the establishment of the company in 2001, Metatechno Lanka is now on a new stage to make a leap. In addition to offshore development outsourcing from Japan and dispatching Sri Lankan engineers to Japan, which we have been working on as a central business domain, from now on it is necessary to go on a new journey in various fields related to software development and software services and to develop those markets. At that time, we believe that the key factor is “Creating and Providing Customer Value”.

Of course, not only engineering but also all the work done by Metatechno Lanka is focused on “Creating and Providing Customer Value”. And in order to “Create and Provide Customer Value”, we believe that it is important to communicate with each company and every customer.

Based on the established technical backbone we have cultivated so far, we will continue to “Create and Provide Customer Value” to Sri Lankan domestic, to Japan and to the world, so please pay attention for future Metatechno Lanka!