Client Stories

Kazumasa Shimomura TDIPS

Metatechno Lanka engineers are fluent in Japanese and it was very easy to work with them. We are highly satisfied with the project deliverables including Japanese documentations.
Development environment was secured and they were able to meet every demand from us in a flexible and speedy manner. We were able to develop high quality, reliable and low cost solutions with Metatechno Lanka and we hope to engage in business with them in the future as well.

Masaya Shimoyamada Metatechno Inc.

Metatechno Lanka engineers are fluent in Japanese and it is very easy to communicate with them. Their solutions to our problems were technically sound and reassuring. At times we totally relied on their creativity on user interface designs and usability improvements.
Outsourcing software development to Metatechno Lanka improved our productivity, innovativeness and we were able to develop better solutions at a lower price. We hope to partner with Metatechno Lanka for future developments as well.

Rieko Yamakura Srieko Holidays (Pvt) Ltd.

We have been doing Travel & Tourism business in Sri Lanka from 2011. We are obtaining IT consulting services from Metatechno Lanka regarding networking, computer maintenance, data recovery, etc.
Metatechno Lanka handled our work with Japanese politeness, precision and on time delivery. We are glad to do business with Metatechno Lanka, which offers a quality service equivalent to what we receive in Japan.