Executive Comments

kazuyuki--ikura_03 Kazuyuki Ikura Managing Director - Metatechno Lanka Company (Pvt.) Ltd

Our company is a Japanese software development company that is head quartered in Kawasaki city of Kanagawa prefecture, which is Japan’s leading business city. Since the establishment of the company in 1984, we have expanded the business steadily by making optimal use of printer firmware, image processing and communication processing. Furthermore, prompted by the mission of “counteracting the lack of engineers in Japan by recruiting and educating top Sri Lankan engineers, who can benefit the Japanese Industry while also passing on the technology to Sri Lanka “; Metatechno Lanka was thus established in 2001. Over the past 14 years, 48 well trained engineers have returned to Metatechno Lanka having concluded their hands on training in Japan. An initiative that we are confident will render excellent results in the long run.

Alternatively, it was not an easy task to capitalise on the inherited technology within Sri Lanka, in terms of expanding the Japanese business by further leveraging Metatechno Lanka. To counteract the lack of sense of unity and overcome this situation, Metatechno group has established an overseas business development section within the company that would focus on quality improvements and enhancing the productivity of the entire group. Concurrently with efforts being made to acquire business propositions from Japanese customers, we are also promoting the business within the markets of Sri Lanka and Japan. Going forward, we are now united as a singular group who is committed to make Sri Lanka and Japan the Hub of IT Business within the Asian and World Business Markets. To achieve this vision, we look forward to your kind co-operation.